Through the journey of pregnancy, birth, lactation and motherhood we give birth to many things – not just babies.  Different aspects of our lives wake up waiting to be evoked – to get their opportunity to be carried forward.

As a birth worker I worked with women in the course of their pregnancies, births, and nursing experiences, and during their initial period of motherhood. But I also worked with women who have lost a baby, women who have experienced traumatic births, and women undergoing fertility treatments. I offered support for single women, lesbians, surrogate mothers, ultra-Orthodox couples, Arab couples, women giving birth at home or at a birth center, and women preparing for a C-section. I had supported women who chose to have an abortion, both before and after the procedure.
I met the woman who lost her mother a month before giving birth to her own baby, and the one who got divorced in the course of her pregnancy. I had accompanied women in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy. I worked with women who conceived through insemination because they suffer from vaginismus and are unable to have full intercourse. Sometimes I also met them after the birth, and found out that for some of them the birth itself healed this part within them. I was often working with these women in their homes, becoming acquainted with their living environment and with their families.
Those normal, healthy, functioning women did not seek therapy nor search for a solution to a problem. They sought a specific type of process-facilitating during a certain part of their journey – and shared with me what they needed. Walking with them in their path I found out  about the existence of the transparent field.
Keren Fridman Gadassi, the developer of the B.O.T approach

The field of birth has thus far contained a transparent sphere: The period of fertility, pregnancy, birth, nursing, and motherhood involves unique processes of personal development, which, for the most part, remain hidden. This is a significant sphere that until recently has not yet recognized as a professional field within therapeutic and medical discourse.

The Birth-Oriented Therapy (B.O.T.) approach meets the need to fill this empty space, transforming the transparent field into a recognized professional sphere and offers life-changing possibilities both for those giving birth and for those being born.

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