About Birth-Oriented Therapy Facilitators

Birth-Oriented Therapy facilitators include family doctors, nurse midwives, social workers, pelvic-floor physiotherapists, movement therapists, yoga teachers, doulas, birth-preparation teachers, lactation consultants, body-centered psychotherapists, and others.

These women combine ideas and practices studied in the context of B.O.T. in their work with women and couples and in projects that contribute significantly to the community and to the world of birth and parenting. Examples include a nurse midwife who develops a new model for communicating in the delivery ward with women in complex birth-related situations; a doula specializing in preparing women with a history of sexual abuse for birth; and therapists in a rehabilitative day center who integrate their B.O.T. training into work with mothers who experienced a traumatic birth.

In addition, B.O.T. is currently integrated into the following projects:

  • Nurse midwives using B.O.T. practices during the birth and while communicating with the delivery-room staff
  • Supporting the creation of a new model for a natural birth center
  • Integrating B.O.T. into training for moderators of postpartum support groups
  • Work with women in the aftermath of a still birth
  • Unique work with women suffering from vaginismus vestibulitus
  • B.O.T. and sexuality in the period surrounding birth
  • Integrating B.O.T. into training for group moderators working with women in fertility treatments
  • Integrating B.O.T. into personal lactation consulting
  • A unique integration between B.O.T. with hydrotherapy and movement therapy – working with women before/after birth

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