Who does B.O.T. support

Birth-Oriented Therapy serves as a bridge between the field of therapy and the field of birth. On the one hand, it provides visibility and support for the transparent experiences of women and couples in the period surrounding birth. At the same time, it offers professionals in the fields of birth and therapy training for accompanying personal processes during this unique period.

B.O.T. is designed to offer support for healthy women and couples undergoing normal processes, who seek professional accompaniment in coping with challenges or significant experiences in the period surrounding the birth.

B.O.T. may serve to accompany individuals or couples in the following situations:

♦ Fears during pregnancy and in anticipation of birth

♦ A need to process a difficult birth experience or prepare for birth following a previous, traumatic birth

♦ High levels of stress during pregnancy or after birth

♦ Preparation for a Caesarean section or an abortion

♦ A history of trauma

♦ A history of sexual abuse – support in identifying triggers and creating personal strategies for pregnancy/birth/nursing/motherhood

♦ Pregnancy following the loss of a previous pregnancy

♦ Special preparations for birth following a stillbirth

♦ Fertility treatments

♦ Giving birth as a single mother

♦ Support for experiences of loneliness, helplessness, or difficulty in making decisions during pregnancy or after birth

♦ Support during the phase of initial bonding between mother and infant and early parenting experiences.

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