(What is Birth-Oriented Therapy (B.O.T

Through the journey of pregnancy, birth, lactation, and motherhood we give birth to many things – not just babies. Different aspects of our lives wake up waiting to be evoked – to get their opportunity to be carried forward.

For a long time, we were accustomed to accepting the conventional split between two professions: mental and emotional processes are treated in the world of psychotherapy, while pregnancy and birth-related processes are treated by birth professionals. Yet individual processes are not split in this manner. Birth-Oriented Therapy, makes this connection possible.

Birth-Oriented Therapy (B.O.T.) is a new professional field that enables women and couples to receive focused accompaniment for personal processes in the period surrounding the birth. This approach was developed over more than a decade, and is shaped by a constant movement and integration between the field of birth and the therapeutic field. Underlying this approach is the understanding the field of birth contains implicit processes, and that this unique period offers an opportunity for growth.

The intensity of this period, the exposure to invasive internal examinations, and the constant experience of life's fragility during pregnancy and birth enable significant life processes to unfold for many of us. Couples may experience challenges in their relationship with one another, childhood experiences may awaken, and much of what we knew about ourselves changes in the course of pregnancy and after birth.

The field of birth involves the experiences of pregnancy, nursing, and motherhood, but it may also include challenging fertility treatments, miscarriages or abortions, the loss of a pregnancy, and the challenge of another pregnancy after such a loss.

This period requires a very specific type of focused accompaniment that addresses these various aspects of a woman's experience as they arise and demand attention, while relying on professional knowledge about the period surrounding birth and its unique characteristics.

The approach offered by Birth-Oriented-Therapy (B.O.T.) caters to:

  1. The need experienced by women and couples to receive focused, professional accompaniment for the personal processes unfolding in the period surrounding the birth.
  2. Professionals in the field of birth seeking information and practices that may offer support for women's emotional experiences during this period.
  3. Professionals in the field of psychotherapy seeking to learn in greater depth about the unique characteristics of the field of birth.

B.O.T. bridges the gap between the field of psychotherapy and the field of birth. It makes visible the transparent experiences of women and couples in the period surrounding birth, which have thus far not received focused professional treatment. This professional field existed until not long ago as a subterranean sphere that received no recognition in psychotherapeutic and medical discourse. Since it did not have a recognized professional name, it remained invisible despite the need for its existence and its significant impact on our lives as individuals and as a society.

Today, this professional field is receiving growing recognition as a sphere that offers women and couples focused, professional support and guidance for personal processes in the period surrounding birth.  The B.O.T approach offers a new communication model that enables collaboration among birth professionals, midwives, and the medical staff. It favors supporting women who deal with complex situations during pregnancy and at birth, in new and therapeutic ways.

Our experience reveals that visibility, social recognition and professional support during this period provide women and couples with a healthy ground for supporting a changing experience of the self and of the family nucleus, while offering opportunities for growth and healing.

♠ Birth-Oriented Therapy does not cater to women in extreme states who need to be closely followed by a mental health professional or who require medication. It does offer focused, professional support for functional women and couples in search of accompaniment during this challenging period.

♠ B.O.T. is not affiliated with any group, social agenda, organization, or professional association. It promotes no particular set of ideas or principles concerning birthing methods or parenting. It focuses on the person experiencing these processes and on the new internal system forming during this period.

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